What can’t be done on a plane?

What can't be done on a plane?

For some, the plane is a romance, inspiration, the beginning of a long-awaited and certainly exciting journey.

For others – trembling knees, confused thoughts, and counting down the minutes to the end of the flight. However, there are only rules that will help both to spend time on the road as comfortably as possible, and most importantly – to minimize the likelihood of unpleasant consequences.

Prohibitions on board can be divided into unconditional and recommended. The first is mandatory, and violations can be removed from the flight. Execution of the second will have a positive effect on well-being and health. There are few restrictions that apply to absolutely all flights. Their goal is the safety and comfort of each passenger:

1. No smoking on board.

First of all, it is dangerous, as it can cause fire and shipwreck. In addition, the smell of smoke remains on board, which causes discomfort to other passengers.

2. It is forbidden to interfere with the crew to perform their work.

Including distracting flight attendants when they deliver food. If there is a question or request, just press the button to call the flight attendant. As soon as she is released, she will come to you immediately.

3. Do not unbuckle your seat belts or get up from your seats during take-off and landing.

During these periods, abrupt changes in the position of the vessel are most likely, so passengers may fall and be injured.

4. It is strictly forbidden to touch rescue equipment unnecessarily.

It is located above the seats and under the seats of passengers, accidentally touch it will not work.

5. You can’t shout, talk very loudly, watch a movie or listen to music without headphones.

All this causes discomfort to seated passengers. It is also undesirable to constantly click the mouse from the laptop – these sounds can also irritate others.

6. It is forbidden to initiate a conflict and create panic among passengers.

Tolerance and respect are the foundations of behavior onboard.

7. Electronic gadgets cannot be used during takeoff and landing.

At other times, they can be turned on in a special mode. All but one exception. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone model has a significant drawback: the battery can explode while charging. Therefore, you can not turn it on, let alone charge the smartphone of this model on board.

And now the restrictions that are not set by the rules, but will help much easier to transfer the flight and its consequences.

1. It is undesirable to be in a chair throughout the flight, especially if there are problems with blood vessels, heart, predisposition to vegetative-vascular dystonia. The pressure in the cabin is low, due to which blood circulation in the extremities may slow down, which will lead to the formation of blood clots. Warm-up will help to avoid such undesirable consequences. The easiest option is to walk around the cabin. As a last resort (for example, a neighbor near the aisle is asleep, and there is no way out) you need to do exercises while sitting. The most basic: simulate walking, tense and relax the calf muscles, put your feet on your toes, and then roll on your heels. In addition, you need to change the position of the legs and body as a whole as often as possible.

2. It is categorically impossible to refuse water. You need to drink as much as possible, albeit in small portions, but throughout the flight. The air onboard is dry, with each exhalation the body loses moisture, and without proper drinking, dehydration can occur. The ideal drink – pure still water, you can with a slice of lemon – it tones, and vitamin C for the immune system will not hurt. Do not forget about moisturizers.

3. You can not sleep all the time of takeoff. It is possible and even necessary to take a carefree nap when the plane has already gained altitude but has not yet started landing. So time will fly by unnoticed, and you will come down the ladder cheerful and rested. However, during takeoff and landing, you need to carefully monitor your condition. The fact is that in these periods of time the pressure drop in the cabin is faster than in the ears on board a person. It is easy to cope with the unpleasant feelings of such inconsistency, it is enough to chew gum, suck on a lollipop, or even yawn in time. If the passenger is asleep and does not respond to signals from the body that you need to take action, you can leave the board with unpleasant dizziness, nausea, hearing loss for several days or even nosebleeds, ear infections, and damage to the eardrum.

4. If you have a weak vestibular system, do not sit in the back rows. How to understand this without flight experience? Suffice it to mention bus trips or boat trips. If they are accompanied by unpleasant sensations – ask for a seat closer to the cockpit. During takeoff and landing, the tail will shake much harder, not to mention the turbulence zone, from which no flight is insured.

6. Try not to be in the plane in contact lenses, especially hard ones. They dry the mucous membrane of the eye, and the air onboard is already dry. Redness, dryness, unpleasant sensations in the eyes are unlikely to add joy to the flight of joy. During the air trip it is better to use glasses, and take the lenses with you and put them on the spot or before getting off the plane.

7. You can not walk on the plane in socks, let alone barefoot. Sitting in a comfortable chair, I really want to take off my shoes and stretch my legs. It is better to just untie the shoes or unbuckle the straps. In any case, do not put your feet on the floor. Only if in your own slippers, which you prudently grabbed and put in hand luggage. There are things that are typical of all airlines. Among them – surface cleaning of the cabin. A thousand people in street shoes can walk on it in a day. Microbes, bacteria, fungus, and elemental dirt – all this in excess on the floor of any aircraft (only if it is not your own). It is unlikely that you want all this to be on the soles of your feet. By the way, if you bring slippers, be sure to wash them thoroughly after the flight.

8. It is highly undesirable to order carbonated beverages. It’s all about the pressure drops on board. Under their influence, the gas in the body can expand up to 25%, which will lead to malaise and virtually guarantees to bloat.

9. Absolutely do not abuse alcohol. The public side of the issue – in a state of intoxication, your behavior can become inadequate, which will bring a lot of trouble. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to control the “necessary minimum” – the effect of any alcoholic beverage increases in flight. Personal side – alcohol causes dehydration (this is one of the main problems onboard), worsens sleep, and a hangover at a height is much harder to tolerate.

10. It is not necessary to switch off ventilation over a seat. Even if it is blowing or cold, it is better to dress warmer. First of all, ventilation at least slightly humidifies the air. Plus, it “disperses” the viruses and bacteria that have invaded the plane along with the passengers, and prevents these harmful microorganisms from lingering near you.

11. You can not keep quiet about feeling bad, especially if it gets worse over time. Even a mild illness in the air is much more dangerous, and the consequences and rate of deterioration are unpredictable. If you feel unwell, contact a flight attendant immediately. There must be an ambulance on board – tonometer, thermometer, medicines for emergencies, and the most typical cases.

12. It is not necessary to use a folding table without wiping it. And even more so there are crumbs selected from him! It is especially dangerous to put on it things that come into contact with the face – phone, glasses, cutlery, napkins. First, wipe the table with antibacterial wipes, even better – antibacterial gel. And at the same time everything that is often touched by hands – belts, buttons, armrests. It is unknown who was sitting in the chair next to you. On the table could cough, spit, put a used diaper, and the child could well throw his feet in sneakers. By the way, inspections have shown that it is on the tables that the largest accumulation of harmful bacteria in the plane.

13. You should not be fond of food, especially airplanes. There is a chance of eating too much too salty or too sweet. Low pressure, dry air, and engine noise help to reduce taste sensations by up to 30%. Accordingly, passengers actively use salt and sugar, which is harmful to the body. Some companies try to oversalt the plane food first to keep passengers happy.

14. It is strongly recommended not to endure to the end, so as not to use the aircraft toilet. Yes, this is not the most pleasant and comfortable place on earth. But to test yourself for strength when you want to go to the toilet – is very harmful and threatens infections. Gather your spirits and visit the establishment. But remember: there are a lot of bacteria on toilet handles, drain buttons, and taps. It is better to touch these objects through a napkin.

15. Do not use an airplane blanket if it is not packed. It is possible that you coughed at him and even choked. It is best to take your own airbag and warm clothes. Especially for a child.

16. It is not necessary to touch a clothespin belt without special need. As well as buttons and seat handle. Or wipe them with antibacterial wipes and wash your hands more often. These common items are also favorites with harmful microbes and bacteria.

17. Never use airplane headphones! They are not new, although carefully packaged.

And another “impossible”, the most categorical. You can’t think bad things on a plane. Only about the good. Have a nice flight!

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