What exercises will help to develop analytical thinking?

Analytical thinking is a person’s ability to analyze a specific situation, compare facts and draw conclusions based on the data obtained.

The World Economic Forum has put analytical thinking at the top of the 10 skills that will be in demand among employers in 5 years. Therefore, to develop the ability to think analytically – not just a whim, but a requirement of time. Form useful habits and try to train your brain with the following exercises:

• Solve mathematical problems.

They are excellent at developing logic. In turn, logic is the main component of analytical thinking. These can also be problems in geometry, physics, chemistry.

• Solve puzzles.

A variety of crosswords, puzzles, sudoku, riddles, Rubik’s cube are perfect. Here, too, logic scores the score. But such tasks are more exciting than just tasks. Move from simple to complex.

• Collect puzzles.

The more details, the better. This is a great workout for the brain: when you need to assemble a whole from individual parts and vice versa – to see how the whole picture breaks down into small details. In the course of such a lesson, attention is also well developed.

• Read books.

Reading promotes the development not only of analytical thinking but also develops imagination, creativity, intuition. Choose books of the detective genre, try to solve the crime yourself, ask yourself questions, look for answers to them and follow the chain of events.

• Learn something new.

There is probably an area that interests you. Subscribe to thematic channels on social networks or messengers – so you can learn new interesting facts, supplement your knowledge about the subject, develop memory.

• Play games.

It can be both board games and online. For example, the game “Erudite”, where you need to come up with words from a limited number of letters. It can also be chess, checkers, “Monopoly” and other games.

• Participate in discussions.

Share with friends, like-minded people your impressions of movies, books, events from everyday life. Prepare arguments, hear the other person’s opinion, follow how consistent the facts are on both sides.

• Ask yourself constantly.

If you have a free minute, ask yourself a question. For example, think about how a certain mechanism is arranged or why a situation has occurred. Answer comprehensively and do not look for easy ways.

• Analyze the situation.

This point follows from the previous one. Try to carefully understand the situation, the task, the dispute. Turn on critical thinking and give your own arguments. Look at the situation from different angles, look for non-obvious connections.

• Learn foreign languages.

There is no better way to keep your brain working than to learn a foreign language. After all, you are not just memorizing foreign words, but also trying to understand the logic of language and its grammatical structure.

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