If you feel tired and sleepy in the morning after eating, it means that in your morning and daily menu are inappropriate foods

Insidious coffee and milk

Drinking a cup of an invigorating drink in the morning is great, but it is better not to mix it with fresh pastries. Fast carbs do not provide the necessary energy for a productive day. They promote the release of sugar into the blood, and it supports fast carbohydrates, your morning vigor will disappear. Therefore, do not eat sandwiches with white bread and pastries for breakfast.

Exclude milk and dairy products from the morning menu. They will not help you find the energy that will be with you all day. These products contain tryptophan, which produces melatonin. Tryptophan is an amino acid needed by our body. But before dinner, it should be abandoned. From yogurt or cheese for breakfast, you will be lethargic.

The better not to eat

From early breakfast to lunch without food is quite difficult. Many people want to bring something to eat. Preference is given to berries or nuts. To feel refreshed by the end of the day, leave cherries and sweet cherries for dinner. Juicy berries are a natural source of melatonin that regulates sleep. And in the morning the best – blueberries, for example, with oatmeal.

Nuts should not be admired either. Yes, they give a feeling of satiety. But only if limited to a small handful. But give up almonds. It contains a lot of magnesium – a trace element that helps to relax muscles. After such a snack, it will not be easy for you to spend the day in an active mode.

Banana, like almonds, is rich in magnesium. But only if you ate only one fruit. You should not eat it before training. Magnesium relaxes muscles, you will not be able to train productively.

What foods do nutritionists do not recommend eating at night?

– hard cheeses;

– dark chocolate;

– green tea match, which gives vigor and energy;

– beef (digested with difficulty, the load on the digestive system);

– processed meat products – sausage, frankfurters, etc .;

– leaf salads.

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