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What foods should be added to the diet to increase productivity?

What foods should be added to the diet to increase productivity?

Our diet allows us not only to feel great but also to stay energetic for a long period of time. Here is a selection of products that will increase your productivity.

Get to know them so that lunch will have a positive effect on you:


Work keeps your brain in tension, so you need to replenish the energy that is expended. Nuts are perfect for this. They contain dietary fiber, vitamins, and proteins. Nuts also provide the brain with energy and can improve cognitive abilities and memory. The magnesium contained in nuts will protect you from stress and overexertion.


It is no secret that a cup of coffee in the morning allows not only to remove drowsiness but also to cheer up. The success of this drink lies in caffeine, which blocks adenosine, which is responsible for fatigue, drowsiness, and apathy.


If you didn’t know, the brain is 60% fat. And half of this fat – Omega-3 (fatty acids). You need them to create new neurons, as well as nerve cells responsible for receiving new information and the functioning of memory. Omega-3, unfortunately, is not produced by the body, so you need to replenish stocks of foods.

Black chocolate

It is important that this chocolate contains 70 percent or more cocoa, so study the composition carefully. Dark chocolate has a positive effect on mood and also promotes the production of dopamine in the body. He is responsible for our mood.
Researchers from the United States conducted an experiment and found that regular consumption of dark chocolate allows people to perform better than those who do not prefer this delicacy.

Pumpkin seeds

This is another great source of magnesium, iron, and zinc.
• We need magnesium to improve memory and learning and helps reduce stress.
• Zinc affects the proper functioning of neurons.
• Iron increases concentration, and also has a positive effect on your perception of new information.