What mistakes should not be made by single women

What mistakes should not be made by single women

Millions of women around the world dream of finding the man of their dreams and not being alone.

Sometimes they don’t even realize that they are made by inconspicuous mistakes that seem to be the norm. Experts in the field of psychology told about them.

Excessive initiative

If a man called you on a date, you try to show him as clearly as possible that you are not here to play with toys. You immediately move from talking about movies, music, and work to talking about life together and the future. You are too enterprising and obsessed with the desire to own a man, so you call him after the first date and invite him to the second. Many of these women immediately tell their husbands that they do not agree to anything but a wedding. This inevitably leads to a fiasco.


The most successful women in love are in no hurry. They just go with the flow, occasionally guiding the boat of love at the right course. It is not necessary to snatch oars from the man with words: “you sit down, and I will do everything”. Men are hunters, so they need to know that it is they who play a leading role in the relationship, not their lady.


Men dream of being the center of the universe for a woman. If you are financially independent, that’s fine, but you don’t have to constantly pay for yourself in taxis and restaurants. Real men like to take care of their companions. If you hold a high position and are a boss at work, you do not need to play this role in everyday life.


This is the opposite of the previous error. There are women who, instead of having too much confidence, have a lack of it, which men also don’t like. Lack of confidence has a very negative effect on attractiveness.

Actors’ play

There are members of the fair sex who like to pretend to be what men dream of seeing them. Even if such a woman guesses the choice of the ideal role, sooner or later her true “I” will appear. In this case, the man will understand that he was communicating and meeting not with the one with whom he was thinking. A normal and mature man immediately in such cases goes and does not return.

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