What to after training for rapid weight loss?

Improper and irrational nutrition after exercise can make the classes themselves completely ineffective, and even in some cases, harmful to the body.

In addition, diets and answers to the question “what to eat after training” can vary significantly depending on what goal you want to achieve for a particular athlete, as well as the type of load he receives in training. Post-workout nutrition is just as important as her diet and exercise plan because nutrition depends on the condition of the muscles and the normal functioning of the whole body. But in any case, keep in mind that if the task is to get rid of excess fat and lose weight, you should spend a lot more calories per day than consumed.

Whatever the goal, it is absolutely contraindicated to starve, because the body must consume enough calories for its proper functioning. In case of calorie shortage, of course, it is possible to lose weight, but this happiness will be short-lived: the metabolism adapts to this regime and then the process of burning fat will stop. In this case, you can only get an even slower metabolism and a significantly worse metabolism. Therefore, the main principle of post-workout nutrition is: to burn more calories than to consume, but it is necessary to consume, not less than what our body requires for normal functioning. In addition, if after training the body will receive a balanced diet and sufficient nutrients, then in the future you can simply rely on your appetite, activity, and intuition in choosing a product.

It is important to remember that calories consumed should be used as raw material or “fuel”, but not “go into reserve”. The type of exercise also greatly affects the foods that should be consumed after exercise: for example, after running, aerobics or cardio, you should restore the right amount of glycogen in the body. If this is not done in time, metabolic processes can slow down and endurance can decrease. In other words, starving after a run is difficult to lose weight. But if for 20-30 minutes after training to drink a glass of juice, yogurt, smoothies, or a useful sour milk drink “Snowball” from TM Shchedryk. The carbohydrates contained in these foods will benefit the whole body.

But abstaining from food for a long time after such a workout is not recommended: there will be no noticeable increase in muscle strength, and they will not gain density. On the contrary, everything eaten within 20 minutes after exercise will go to building and rebuilding muscles. “In stock” such calories do not go.

If the goal is to build some muscle mass, then within two hours after exercise, you should consume a natural protein product, whether meat, fish, egg, or poultry, or a milkshake, cheese, or yogurt. If the workout is held in the morning, it should be followed by a full protein breakfast, which should be arranged no later than one hour after its completion. What should not be eaten after training in any case, so it’s fat, because they slow down the entry and absorption of proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients into the blood. In addition, immediately after training and for 2 hours after it is completely contraindicated products containing caffeine: coffee, tea, chocolate, and others. Caffeine prevents glycogen from enriching muscles and the liver and temporarily neutralizes the beneficial effects of protein on muscle building.

What are the options for nutrition after training? Most often in our normal life, workouts take place in the evening and precede a regular dinner. At the same time, the question of what to eat after training is often not even worth it. “Is it possible to eat at night?” We think. It turns out, in this case – it is necessary. However, these should be low-fat dairy products. Protein promotes effective muscle recovery after strength training and increases endurance. Of course, there is no question of eating too much at night, but a protein-carbohydrate snack should be present. There is a scheme of calorie intake after exercise: consumed should be twice less than expended.

And there is nothing to take a long pause between the end of training and eating – on the contrary, there is a certain time corridor, within which, everything eaten is considered completely safe. On average, after cardio or aerobic exercise, a person needs up to 40 grams of carbohydrates, and if the training was too intense – up to 60 grams. The ideal menu item, in this case, will be cereals or whole grains, as well as foods that contain fiber. A good option for dinner would be a sandwich of wholemeal bread with cheese; a salad mix of dried fruits and nuts; flakes with milk; crackers with low-fat cheese, buckwheat, oatmeal, or millet porridge, and tea with a spoonful of honey.

If the training was strength, which aims to build a certain muscle group, the ideal food would be rich in protein and protein: boiled lean meat, omelet with vegetables, shrimp, protein bar, lean grilled or steamed fish. In addition, it is important to follow the correct drinking regime after training: within an hour after training gradually drink at least 0.5 liters of water, and after a meal – do not drink food immediately, it is better to wait 30 minutes, with carbonated drinks it is important to exclude.

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