Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for sunburn, you can only alleviate the discomfort and speed up healing.

Take a cool shower or bath more often to relieve pain, and then wet the skin with a dry towel, leaving some moisture on it. When the skin is slightly dry, apply a moisturizer.

Use creams and lotions that contain aloe vera extract, which soothes, heals, and prevents peeling.

Drink as much water as possible. Sunburn “attracts” fluid to damaged areas of the skin, and heavy drinking will help avoid dehydration.

Wear closed clothes, preferably made of dense fabrics, through which sunlight does not penetrate. But in no case tight – it can increase irritation and pain.

You can also apply cold compresses to the affected areas to cool the skin.

What not to do with sunburn?

Do not lubricate the skin with sour cream and other dairy products. Lactic acids and fermentation products can provoke unpredictable chemical reactions.

And especially do not use sunflower, coconut, or any other vegetable oil. It creates a dense film that is impermeable to air and prevents heat transfer. As a result, the burned skin does not cool down, but on the contrary, overheats even more, which can worsen the irritation and lead to edema.

Forget about other “old-fashioned” methods such as compresses of tea, raw vegetables, and fruits, they can provoke allergic reactions when burned.

Do not use scrubs, hard washcloths, or other exfoliators. Such manipulations can increase irritation.

Don’t puncture the blisters. Yes, it is unpleasant and unaesthetic, but blisters protect the affected areas from infection to healing.

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