What to do if your coworkers irritate you, according to psychologists

What to do if your coworkers irritate you, according to psychologists

You show up at the office five days a week. There are people working with whom you have to, one way or another, communicate.

But what if these personalities annoy you to the point of gnashing your teeth?

You may feel that your irritation is well-founded. In fact: the employee talks too loudly, gets into a conversation unnecessarily, or just walks somehow wrong. An inadequate reaction to seemingly completely innocent actions and words of others leads to the fact that you change the pattern of behavior, gestures, and intonation. You become too closed or too abusive, frustrated with colleagues or family. You feel: it can’t last that long! In this state, you are able to throw the boss a letter of resignation of his own volition with the words “I got it all!” and get rid of a good job.
Until that happens, listen to effective advice. Maybe they will help you overcome this crisis.

Why did you become too irritable?

You may be surprised, but the causes of sudden irritability may have nothing to do with your character or the behavior of colleagues!

Common diseases of a latent nature

First of all, problems with the thyroid gland. Yes, the disease of the body can affect how you perceive the phenomena around you. If your nerves are not right, if you feel very irritable or anxious, be sure to check your thyroid.

Exhaustion of the nervous system

Working without rest, not getting enough sleep, and eating carelessly, you accumulate fatigue, which can lead to a nervous breakdown. One of the signs of failure is just increased, often incomprehensible, irritability.

Post-traumatic syndrome

Severe personal trials (death or illness of a loved one, divorce, other personal tragedies) do not go unnoticed. You may have been able to control your feelings for a while, but there is a limit to everything.

Immersion in inner experiences

You may be experiencing an identity crisis at this time. You are so focused on your inner world that external stimuli, including people around you, cause irritation and anger.

You need to take a break to start

Try to agree with your superiors to take a vacation as soon as possible, even if there is a blockage at work now. In this situation, it is not a whim, but an opportunity to understand their feelings and emotions and take care of their health. You should rest for at least a week because two days will not be enough for you to stop being nervous and improve your health.

A sure sign of the fact that you are already rested and ready to adequately perceive colleagues, will be a positive answer to the question: “Did I miss work?”. If in a week you still think about work and colleagues with irritation, you should seriously look for another place to use your strength and energy.
Try to determine how long you have had this condition you have been feeling irritated for a long time, then you just need to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist. In addition, antidepressants are exactly the remedy that will help bring your nerves back to normal.

Move the focus of attention

If you do not have the opportunity to go on vacation, switch your brain to something that gives you pleasure. Get involved in needlework, and start reading an interesting book. And be sure to move more! We often underestimate the fact that the simplest things bring the greatest benefit to our well-being. For example, a short walk before or after work can make you much calmer.

Dig into yourself

Remember that the people around you reflect your inner processes. You may be annoyed by co-workers that, in all likelihood, you do not want to accept or try to suppress yourself. You spend your energy unforgivably looking for other people’s shortcomings, trying to justify dissatisfaction with yourself and the situation in which you drove yourself. Maybe you should understand your attitude toward yourself?

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