What to eat before, during and after sports training

What to eat before, during and after sports training

In order to feel good during and after training, you need to know not only what to eat, but also what foods to eat before exercise, and what – after.

So, if you enjoy spending time in the gym, or just keep your body in good shape, check out this list.

Before: wholemeal toast with bananas and cinnamon
This toast contains carbohydrates that are easily digested, so you fill the body with energy. Bananas and cinnamon stabilize the level of sodium that falls when you sweat, and blood sugar, and also improve brain function.

After: baked chicken and vegetables
After training, your body recovers, so it needs a nutritious meal. Thanks to the proteins and carbohydrates contained in chicken meat, you will feel full. And add vegetables in olive oil to keep the heart in good shape.

Before: Greek yogurt (filtered yogurt) and dried fruit
Eat yogurt before training. It is good for your stomach, and when paired with dried fruit, it will charge your body with energy. Just make sure you choose a mixture of nuts and dried fruits with a minimum amount of fillers (this also applies to chocolate).

Natural sugar from dried fruits will increase energy, and seeds and nuts will maintain the required level of insulin. Just remember not to overeat. Because seeds and nuts contain a lot of fat, which means that they are digested longer. If you eat too much, you will feel lethargic.

After: avocado omelet
You probably know that eggs are a source of protein and also help muscles to recover and grow. Like olive oil, avocado helps the body better absorb nutrients.

Before: cocktails
Need a snack on the way to the gym? Make yourself a cocktail. The use of smoothies has a number of advantages. Use the fruit you like best for it, add Greek yogurt and a little muesli for a thick consistency.

After: salmon and sweet potatoes
In addition to regulating insulin levels, biologically active peptides and small protein molecules have a positive effect on joints. Sweet potatoes help restore glycogen levels in muscles that are depleted after exercise.

Before: oatmeal with fresh fruit
Before training, you can eat oatmeal, which will help you throughout the workout, gradually “releasing” sugar into the blood. And by adding fruit to it, you will provide your body with enough fluids.

After: tuna, chickpeas, and spinach
Tuna – low in calories, but high in protein and carbohydrates; Chickpeas or hummus are fiber, and spinach is a force that moves you, satisfies hunger, maintains the color of your face, lowers blood pressure, and reduces inflammation.

Before: apples
If you are faced with the choice of “apple or sweets”, be sure to choose apples. After all, thanks to them you will provide your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

After: chocolate milk
Recent studies have shown that drinking milk after exercise has become very popular, drinking it more often than water and sports drinks. And all because it contains carbohydrates and proteins to restore muscle, water, calcium, sodium, and sugar. Just all the ingredients that help you recover faster.

So, write down this shortlist of important products that will help you feel better not only before or after training but also during various exercises.

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