Every year, the number of people who constantly follow a certain diet is growing
The International Council on Food Information (IFIC) has published its annual report, which named the most popular diets of 2020.

After analyzing data from more than a million Americans, researchers found that they eat, drink, and shop most often.

It turned out that over the past year, the number of people who follow a particular diet has increased by 5% and now accounts for 43% of Americans. Leading 4 special diets:

Interval fasting: it is observed by 10% of Americans. This diet assumes that a person follows a certain diet. Most often it is 16/8, ie 16 hours a day you should refrain from eating, and for the remaining 8, you can eat anything.

Clean food: 9%. This is a new diet that is gaining popularity in the world. The purity of food implies that the products must be natural and unprocessed, without refined sugar and saturated fats.

Adherents of this diet are convinced that it is able to cleanse the body and brain and promotes weight loss through the consumption of large amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits, and fiber. However, its scientific benefits have not yet been proven. In contrast, some believe that large amounts of “pure” unprocessed foods can lead to digestive disorders.

Keto diet: 8%. This diet assumes that the diet should be 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. This diet has been extremely popular in recent years but is now beginning to lose ground.

Its purpose is to achieve a state of ketosis or carbohydrate starvation. In this state, fats are removed from the body’s reserves, processed into free fatty acids, and then into keto bodies. It is these keto bodies that the body uses instead of carbohydrates. In order for metabolism to reach a state of ketosis, the blood glucose level must be reduced to a minimum and remain in this state for at least 2 days.

Low carb diet: 7%. This is one of the most popular diets for those who want to lose weight. The main difference between a low-carbohydrate diet and other similar food systems is that it can be followed for a long time – as opposed to ketogenic, which can be followed for no more than 2-3 months. It assumes that a person will consume less than 60 grams of carbohydrates per day.

One of the IFIC researchers, Ali Webster, points out that the list of the most popular food systems does not include the Mediterranean and other classic diets, which have previously proven their effectiveness and health benefits. They are able to literally prolong life and abandoning them is a dangerous trend, according to Webster.

At the same time, according to the expert, the growing popularity of interval starvation and clean food can be explained by the fact that they do not have clear restrictions and everyone decides what and when to eat. People can adopt these dietary rules to their needs, rather than adapting their lives to someone else’s set of rules.

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