What we should learn from Australians

What we should learn from Australians

Leah Vandervelde, a certified specialist in healthy eating, observing the lives of Australians, identified 12 features that we should learn from them.

After moving from the States to Australia, Leah Vandervelde, a certified nutritionist, learned some wonderful lessons that we decided to share with you today. So that’s what Australians are all about and what to learn from them. After moving to Sydney from New York, Leah Vanderwald lived there with her husband for almost 4 years. During this time, she was able to get a good look at Australians, their preferences, and habits. According to her, Australians are very friendly and energetic people. They showed her how to live not only well, but also to be healthy.

What are the – Australians?

1. They value vacation

Most Australians use their holidays in parts, so they have the opportunity to take a break from work several times a year. Therefore, when they return from vacation, they feel good and take their responsibilities seriously. It is also worth noting that this applies to future students: they can take academic leave to travel after school and before university or do what they like.

2. Their day begins in the morning

Many Australians wake up with the sun, train, and go to work at 8:30. After all, there is nothing more wonderful than starting your morning with something that makes you feel great.

3. Training is one of the priorities

In Sydney, even at 6 o’clock in the morning, there are constant traffic jams, but not on the roads, but on the beach. Even at such an early hour, you will meet there a lot of active people who run, swim or just walk.

4. They regularly walk in the fresh air

The weather in Australia is great. Throughout the year, due to the lack of severe winters, you have the opportunity to get the necessary vitamin D in the fresh air. Beautiful beaches and tropical forests encourage people to leave their homes and enjoy nature.

5. They are smart about tanning

Although Australians love beach holidays, they also face a serious problem related to ultraviolet rays. That’s why there are campaigns that encourage people to protect themselves from the sun and have regular skin checks.

6. Breakfast is a habit

There is a whole tradition of breakfast in Sydney. Cafes and restaurants there open early even on weekends. For Australians, breakfast is part of a healthy lifestyle, which is filled with lots of fresh fruit, avocados, eggs.

7. There is a large selection of products that are always available

Despite the seasons, they always have enough seasonal fruits and vegetables.

8. They drink less

In Australia, people know exactly how much alcohol they consume, as the alcohol content is indicated on all beverages.

And as part of the Dry July campaign, people give up alcohol for a month, donate money and thus support people who are fighting cancer.

9. The state finances medicine

A universal medical system emerged in Australia in the 1980s. Thanks to coordinated work, people get the help they need.

10. They are worried about their mental health

Psychological treatment is taken seriously by Australians and encourages people to use government-funded services to receive appropriate help for depression, anxiety, or addiction.

11. The minimum wage is high

Today, the minimum hourly wage is $ 17.29 (this is in Australian dollars, and it is twice the minimum wage in the United States). Therefore, even with the minimum wage, everyone has a chance to earn a decent living.

12. They are happier

According to statistics, for example, Australians are happier than Americans. They are characterized by the ability to laugh at themselves, which in turn is a sign of healthy people.

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