Sugar is a natural drug for the body and soul. Small doses will not harm, but its abuse can be a health hazard!

Sure, nothing bad will happen if you eat one candy a day, but who would give up a whole box?

Why we are addicted to sugar.

It so happened that due to natural selection, sweet is part of a person’s favorite tastes. Breast milk tastes sweet, and the sour or bitter taste of food may indicate that it is better not to touch it, because it can be poisoned or have stomach problems. So we can say that we have a craving for sweets by nature.

As mentioned above, a small number of sweets will not hurt, but the abuse of sugar can lead to many health problems from mild nervousness and tooth decay to type 2 diabetes!

So why do we want so much sweetness?!

Studies in rats have shown that the “sweet” receptors in the brain are not adapted to such a constant and high level of sugar. This intense sweetness stimulates the reward center of the brain. It can be more pleasant than cocaine, even in people with drug addiction. In other words, the pleasure our body gets after a piece of cake or candy is much stronger than the pleasure of cocaine. Our self-control mechanisms simply shut down due to high blood sugar.

What will happen to the body if you give up sugar.

Eliminating added sugar from your diet will help protect against chronic diseases and improve overall health.

The craving for sweets can become stronger.

But this is a temporary phenomenon! You are used to eating ice cream, candy, or cake in the afternoon, so without the usual dessert, you will feel emptiness. If you give yourself time, this feeling will subside. The main thing is to resist the first irritating urges! And make it clear that you need it first and foremost for your health.

You lose weight.

Studies have linked the consumption of large amounts of sugar to various diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as dental problems.

Refusal of sweets will give you the dream calorie deficit – at least minus 200 kcal every day! And that turns into minus five kilograms on the scales in a month!

The mood will improve.

Sugar can also reduce energy levels, leading to fatigue and decreased alertness during the day.

If you have previously had mood swings, stabilizing your blood sugar can help you feel more balanced. And if you used to reach for candy to lift your spirits in the middle of a busy day, it is better to leave this habit behind.

A 2019 study looking at carbs and mood found that high blood sugar didn’t boost your mood, but made you inattentive and sleepy for an hour, and could cause depression.

The blood sugar level is equalized.

Giving up sugar switches us to a healthier diet. Fruits and vegetables are finally appearing in the diet, and the consumption of proteins and useful fats is increasing – these changes will help stabilize blood sugar levels. So you will start to feel less lethargic and energetic.

Unpleasant physiological and psychological effects.

Like giving up any drug, giving up sugar is not accompanied by very pleasant symptoms in the first days.

•Depressed mood. Some people may feel depressed. This is partly due to a decrease in dopamine release.
•Anxiety. Feelings of anxiety may be accompanied by nervousness, restlessness, and irritability. You may feel that you have less patience than usual and you are in the way.
•Changes in sleep mode. Some people may experience changes in their sleep schedule after giving up sugar. You may find it difficult to fall asleep or sleep through the night.
•Cognitive problems. You may find it difficult to concentrate. There may be problems with the tasks.
•Craving for other products. In addition to cravings for sugar, you may feel cravings for other foods such as simple carbohydrates – bread, pasta, and potato chips.
You may also experience unpleasant symptoms such as dizziness or headache, nausea, and fatigue.

For the first time after giving up, if you do it abruptly, you may experience irritability and headaches. Therefore, we recommend that you do this gradually, reducing the number of sweets you eat per day, choosing more dietary options, and so on. In this way, we will walk this path more calmly, both psychologically and physically.

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