Where to put a mobile phone at night – experts say

Where to put a mobile phone at night - experts say

Where best to keep your smartphone while you sleep.

About 8 people out of 10 admitted that it is difficult for them to part with their phones at night, so they try to put their favorite gadget as close as possible to the bed and to themselves. However, only a few know how dangerous such a habit and commitment can be to health.

Expert opinion

Experts noted that as soon as mobile phones appeared in the life of modern man, there were many opponents of their use. Basically, the rejection of mobile devices and their constant wearing was motivated by radiation from gadgets that can cause cancer. However, as a result, according to experts, all these fears have no evidence.

At the moment, it is assumed that phones, watches, tablets, and other types of modern gadgets should not cause any fears at all, because they are all subject to mandatory certification, which confirms the safety of the device for humans. At the same time, the area of ​​influence of telephones on human tissues and internal organs has remained unexplored.

During standard certification, the device is tested for its effects on the human body. And the phone at this time is about half a meter from the person. That is why it is better to keep the phone half a meter away from you or at least half a meter from your head. The most important rule that any modern person needs to know is that it is highly recommended not to put the phone next to you or on the bed. Also, do not put the mobile device under the pillow.

Rules for the countryside

Rural areas, especially if this place is at a considerable distance from the base station, differ in that the phone, feeling the weaker signal of the network, begins to work harder, which also increases the radiation of the device. If the cellular station (base) is very far away or the connection between the phone and the base is very weak (which often happens in the country or in the village), the phone begins to spend much more energy in order to restore and establish communication with this station. language. This is how radiation increases. This point is important to consider, especially at night.

Recommendations for people with a pacemaker

Finally, experts said that those who use a pacemaker should keep their phone as far away from them as possible for their own health so that this device does not cause electromagnetic interference.

Recommendations for everyone

As for phone conversations, it is recommended to use wireless headphones during them, as their use does not allow you to keep the phone in your head during the whole conversation. Of course, the headphones will also be irradiated to some extent, but their irradiation will not be enough to cause significant harm to humans.

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