Who do we look like?

Who do we look like?

Psychologists say that what kind of pet a person chooses, you can tell a lot about his character.

And, really, why do some people love cats and can’t stand dogs, while others wouldn’t prefer cats for anything? And is it true that over time, pet owners become something like their pets?

So who and why loves cats? Graceful cats have always been considered a symbol of femininity and independence. Women who choose a cat as a pet are usually beautiful and intelligent, feminine and agile, hard-working, and very persistent in achieving their goals. There are women who do not like cats. Psychologists believe that this indicates that they deny their feminine nature or are afraid to demonstrate independence to others.

If a cat is preferred to all other pets by a man, then it is a rare case when he recognizes the right of a woman to be an independent and self-sufficient person. Moreover, bachelors who have a cat, people are self-sufficient, do not need anyone’s support, and are not concerned about actively finding a girlfriend or starting a family. But do not like cats, usually men, quite indifferent to the whole female sex.

How are the dogs? For a woman, her dog is almost always a symbol of a man and looking at the breed of dog, we can assume what masculine qualities her mistress values ​​the most.

A large shepherd means that her mistress needs a protector and reliable support. A woman who keeps a French bulldog at home values ​​her partner’s devotion, reliability, solidity, perseverance, and sense of humor. But if your girlfriend grooms and nurtures her Doberman, then she has an iron will, and she is very selective and critical of men. Women who prefer to have a small-breed dog at home usually have too high demands on men, apparently in the hope of finding some special qualities in them.

A man always identifies himself with his dog. Psychologists say that men prefer dogs of fighting breeds deep in the soul that are always aggressive. If a man likes collies with long and soft wool, he is usually sentimental and even defenseless, although, in a critical situation, collie owners are determined and know how to make the right choice. Rottweiler owners love solitude. They are annoyed by the noisy society, they hardly get in touch.

And here’s what’s interesting: almost all dog owners – both men and women, are usually intolerant of other people’s independence and seek to control the lives and actions of people close to them.

And what about people who are just indifferent to animals and not only do not want to breed a small zoo at home but do not even imagine their lives with a cat or dog in the same house? Do not think that those who are indifferent to pets are bad or cruel. It is possible that they have many close people whom they care for and who can always support if the need arises. It’s just that their feelings are already devoted to loved ones, and animals no longer have enough of them.

Indifferent to animals and sociable people who easily come into contact and are keenly interested in the life of their surroundings. They find friends everywhere, meet quickly and with interest, and maintain relationships. It also happens that people are aware of the responsibility for the life of the animal and do not want to take it for various reasons.

Many are familiar with Heinrich Heine’s phrase: “The more life I study, the more I love animals.” Many believe that excessive love for animals hides dislike, contempt, and even hatred for people. Well, everyone has the right to choose a friend for themselves, regardless of whether they prefer the company of their cat, dog, or people. But is it worth giving all the warmth of your soul only to your dog or cat, depriving the attention and care of family and friends? And there are many such cases. Apparently, everything is fine in moderation …

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