Why doctors recommend walking after meals

Why doctors recommend walking after meals

Often after eating pulls to sleep, but doctors advise overcoming their temporary weakness. Instead of resting, it is better to walk.

Experts explain that when we eat foods high in carbohydrates and then stop moving, our blood sugar rises sharply and remains high for several hours. As a result, it has a negative effect on health. Elevated blood sugar contributes to damage to nerves, blood vessels, many organs, provokes the development of insulin resistance and with it – type 2 diabetes.

In a study by the American Diabetes Association, diabetics were asked to walk either 10 minutes after each meal or half an hour daily. As a result, four days later, blood sugar levels in people who walked after meals were significantly lower than in those who walked 30 minutes in a row.

What other useful properties of walking?
Digestion improves. A 15-minute walk after a meal promotes the active movement of food along the tract. Prevents constipation. Walking activates the muscles and provides a light massage of the lower abdomen, which stimulates bowel movements.

Stress is reduced. If you often experience stress, a 20-minute walk after a meal can help you cope with it. Studies show that exercise in the fresh air reduces the content of the stress hormone cortisol in the body.

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