Why does IQ have little bearing on success?

Why does IQ have little bearing on success?

When it comes to success, it is easy to say that there are people with brains who can achieve it, but the fate of most – is to put up with a tit in their hand.

If you think so, then you need to read this article about a new study from Stanford University, which says that success depends on the way of thinking. Throughout her career, psychologist Carol Dweck has studied productivity and thinking, and her latest research has shown that the propensity to succeed depends more on attitudes toward problems than on high IQs.

Dweck found that there are two types of thinking: fixed thinking and growth thinking. If you have a fixed mindset, then you are sure that you are what you are and cannot change it. This creates problems when life challenges you: if you think you need to do more than you can handle, you feel the hopelessness of this venture. People with a growth mindset believe that they can become better if they make an effort. They are superior to people with fixed thinking, even if their intelligence is lower. People with growth thinking see the test as an opportunity to learn something new.

Common sense tells us that a person endowed with high intelligence is self-confident. This is true, but only as long as everything is given easily. The deciding factor is how you encounter problems and failures. People with a growth mindset with open arms welcome life’s obstacles. For people with growth thinking, failure is information. We call what happened a failure, but they see it that way: it didn’t work, but I know how to solve problems, so I’ll try to do something else.No matter what type of thinking you have, you can develop growth thinking. We will tell you about some strategies that will help you rebuild it.

Don’t be helpless

Each of us finds himself in a situation where he feels helpless. The question is how we react to this feeling. We can either learn a lesson and move on, or get stuck and stomp on the ground. Many successful people would not become so if they succumbed to feelings of helplessness. Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star for “lack of imagination and good ideas,” and Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job as a Baltimore TV presenter because she was “too emotionally involved.” in their history, ”Henry Ford had two failed car companies before Ford opened, and Steven Spielberg was expelled several times from the School of Cinematography at the University of Southern California.
Imagine what would happen if all these people had a fixed mindset. They would accept failure and lose hope. People with growth thinking do not feel helpless, they understand: to succeed, you need to fail, but then start all over again.

Remember your hobby

Inspired people constantly follow what their heart is. There can always be a person more talented than you, but the lack of talent can be compensated by passion. Due to this, the desire for perfection in inspired people does not weaken. Warren Buffett advises looking for your passion with the 5/25 technique. Make a list of 25 things that are important to you. Then cross out 20, starting at the bottom. The other 5 are your true passions. Everything else is just fun.

Take action

The difference between people with growth thinking is not that they are bolder and able to overcome their fears, but that they understand that fear and anxiety paralyze, and the best way to deal with paralysis is to do something. People with growth thinking have an inner core, they realize that they don’t have to wait for the perfect moment to move forward. By taking action, we transform anxiety and worry into positively directed energy.

Go the extra mile or two

Strong people do their best even on the most difficult days. They always push themselves to go a little further. Bruce Lee’s student ran 5 kilometers every day with his mentor. One day after the run, Bruce offered to run another 3 kilometers. The tired student objected: “I will die if I run another 3 kilometers”, to which Bruce replied: “Well, do it.”

His student was so enraged that he ran these 3 kilometers, and then, exhausted and furious, attacked Bruce, angry at him for this comment. And the teacher explained his answer as follows: “Stopping is tantamount to death. If you set limits to your capabilities, physical or otherwise, they will extend to your entire life. For work, morale, everything else. There are no boundaries. There are temporary stops, but you can’t linger on them, you need to go further. If it kills, then it will kill. A person must constantly improve his level. “If you don’t get better every day, then you get a little worse – what kind of life is this?

Wait for the results

People with growth thinking understand that from time to time they will fail, but this does not stop them from waiting for results. Waiting for resolution results keeps you motivated and pushes for improvement. After all, if you’re not going to succeed, why start at all?

Be flexible

Everyone faces unforeseen difficulties. Inspired people with growth thinking see this as an opportunity to become better, not an excuse to give up on a goal. When life is challenging, strong people will look for options until they get results.

Don’t complain when things don’t go the way you planned

Complaints are an obvious sign of people with a fixed mindset. People with growth thinking are looking for opportunities in any outcome, they do not have time to complain.

Follow all the above points

Every day, watch how you react to even small events. And always try to respond correctly. Yes, as a person with growth thinking would do.

Also, remember that your positive thoughts are another step to success!

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