Why in the heat instead of cold water it is better to drink hot tea

Why in the heat instead of cold water it is better to drink hot tea

In the heat, drink hot tea instead of cold water to make it easier for the body to withstand high temperatures.

This principle works correctly only when there is additional ventilation. Protection functions control heat transfer processes, and sometimes it is better to drink something hot than to get a fleeting effect from cold drinks. Among them are useful ones that quench thirst and those that will bring additional dehydration.

Why hot tea helps better in the heat than cold water

Everyone was faced with the fact that in the heat you can drink a bucket of water, and still have the feeling that you are not drunk. The body requires cooling, and a person believes that the cold will have just such an effect and quench thirst. But after a short period of time, I want to drink again.

It turns out that the body is reasonably arranged, and when it feels overheated, turns on the spare functions for cooling. This is due to sweat. The organs give off heat, which means that the body cools down. Therefore, when drinking hot tea, the body cools down due to the fact that a person sweats a lot. But this also has one important additional component – there must be a movement of air so that it blows the body. This will dry out the sweat. And if you drink hot tea in a stuffy room, it is very easy to get overheated.

Hot tea stimulates the expansion of blood vessels, which means that there is a removal of heat, and for a longer time is enough both cooling and lack of thirst.

How does cold water affect the body?

In the heat, you always want something cold, and people drink not just chilled, and sometimes even iced drinks. But, as scientists have shown, it does not help cool the body or has minimal effect.

Due to the fact that cold water gets inside, the body temperature decreases, and sweating stops. But this effect passes quickly because the heated body did not remove heat.

The only excuse is to use cold water when a person is indoors, where it is stuffy and hot. Then you need to drink soft drinks so as not to overheat, and it did not get worse if you drink hot tea.

What you can and can not drink in the heat

A person in the heat often feels weak because he loses a lot of fluid when he sweats, but the body does not get its recovery. Therefore, you need to drink enough to have enough for normal work, which is about 2 liters per day.

Not all people like water, so it can be replaced by drinks. These can be:

homemade lemonades;
coconut water;
vegetable and fruit smoothies and juices;
skimmed and vegetable milk;
cold or hot tea;
herbal infusions.
It is better to prefer green and white teas. In addition, their taste can always be varied if brewed with lemon balm, orange peel, lavender, mint, rosemary, and other herbs. Hyacinth or kombucha tea is an interesting option that will surprise with its taste.

Infusions of chamomile, jasmine, thyme, dog rose, not only quench thirst but also make the body healthier.

Do not drink carbonated beverages in the heat. They contain a lot of sugar and calories, so the benefits are questionable, and in addition, they bring a moment of thirst-quenching. I want to drink even more. They also have a bad effect on the kidneys. Alcohol and low-alcohol beverages have a diuretic effect, so their use leads to even greater dehydration. In order not to harm the body, even after each sip of beer you need to drink the same amount of water.

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