Why is it so important to take care of yourself

Why is it so important to take care of yourself

Inner harmony is what each of us needs. But to achieve it, you must first learn to take care of yourself. Not sure where to start? Here are some tips from Jennifer Fried, Ph.D.

Today, Jennifer Fried is a doctor of philosophy and a family therapist, but as a child, she, like all children, faced certain problems and misunderstandings. For example, when she was little, instead of listening to the arguments of mom and dad, she ran outside to friends. Her parents said she was selfish. But even now Jennifer is called egocentric when she wants to be alone, and she goes to her room. She is looked upon with reproach because of her unwillingness to live within and because she knows what she really wants.

After 30 years as a doctor, Jennifer Fried realized that taking care of herself should be a responsibility for everyone. If you work all the time because you understand that people need your help, but at the same time you forget about yourself, every step you take will be accompanied by fatigue and irritability. So remember, both the mind and the body need to be restored, and it’s not a whim or a luxury, it’s a necessity. After all, thanks to rest you will be able to do your job well.

So if you want to be effective and inspire others, follow these 5 simple rules from Jennifer Fried.

1. Go to bed at the same time every night

Make a clear schedule and go to bed at the same time. This is one of the most useful steps you can take for yourself.

2. Consume fresh foods and drinks that make your body sing

Food and drink have the ability to affect your energy. So if you notice that you feel depressed after consuming certain foods, forget about them. Try to make your own diet that would not cause you any discomfort. For example, you can start your day with protein, vegetables, and fruits, avoiding refined sugar, and drink water as often as possible.

3. Participate in conversations and leisure that are related to creativity and balance

Leave the drama for a reality show and refrain from spending time in front of the TV. He only devours it and does not help in any way. Read inspirational books and find time for activities that are soothing and developing. Write, spend time in silence, meditate – all this will help you get to know yourself better and relax.

4. Exercise

Exercise for the body is the same as playing the harp for angels. It can be swimming, walking in the park or hiking in the mountains. The main thing is that it should be what you love.

5. Begin and end each day with words of gratitude

We manage to do or achieve a lot in life with the help or support of loved ones and even strangers. So do not be lazy to start and end your day, wishing them happiness and peace.

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