Why it is harmful to save on yourself

Why it is harmful to save on yourself

If you save on yourself now, deny yourself small and harmless pleasures, this pattern of behavior will remain forever.

Even if you get rich in the future. The man is so arranged that he always has little money. So how to be with your desires?

That will be enough money, I’ll go to the gym. Or for psychotherapy. Or buy new kitchen cabinets. You know what? Money will never be enough. It is an illusion that one day there will be enough to cover all needs or “afford”.

If you can’t afford it now, you can’t afford it later. Just the reason will be different.

There is something insidious in this “afford” under the guise of careful saving. When we really need to, we adapt, don’t we? We look for options, agree, do something to earn more. One way or another, we satisfy our needs.

Because it is already there.

By procrastinating, we build up the skill of procrastination and this becomes an indirect way to meet our needs. It’s like “I’m thinking about it, get away from me.” And “thinking” is a kind of toy that is given to a child to calm down. This is how we learn to do without what we need. . Life goes on, new worries appear. And we don’t really need this English, these rights, this therapy, and these cabinets. The desire was lost, lost its sharpness.

Does this mean that it was false?

Just because it didn’t survive doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. Just chose the path of reduction, reducing the quality of life in order not to change anything. This is also away. After all, you have the copyright to your own life. But if it becomes a habit, it grows into the bones. It is very difficult to get rid of it. And it is also difficult to notice.

One day I caught this habit by the tail, considered it properly. This energetic creature assured me that she cared for me and worked as a talisman against carelessness. Thank you of course, but maybe it’s different?

For example, instead of procrastinating, put yourself in front of the fact. I tried and the results were very interesting. You enroll in a course, and then the money to pay for it is somehow found. Not by themselves, of course. I! suddenly I find ways to earn them.

Because, first, there is no choice, but there is a need. And, as you know, the need to have ingenuity.
Secondly, when you get real benefits and enjoyment from what you have purchased, it does not seem so expensive. It becomes worthwhile.

And in general, it is such an engine of personal progress. Postponing is a way not to change, not to grow, not to live fully. And if you have chairs in the morning and money in the evening, then, whether you like it or not, you will grow, develop flexibility, and creative adaptation.
The trick, of course, is performed by a professional. But you can also try.

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