Why it is important to surround yourself with good people

Why it is important to surround yourself with good people

Very often the feeling of happiness depends on the people we communicate with.

So surround yourself with good people or learn to set boundaries to protect yourself from “toxic people.”

Stay away from people who are trying to downplay your importance. That’s what little people always do. And really great ones give you the feeling that you can also become great,

Mark Twain

Are you familiar with people who are constantly giving advice (whether you asked for it or not), demanding some explanations, or asking a million questions, but not wondering if this is exactly what you need now? The fact is that such people do not think of anyone but themselves. And you, due to certain circumstances, lower your head and clench your teeth, listen to unnecessary conversations, and agree with the statements that look radically different in your head.

But what to do in such situations? In fact, everything is simple – you need to surround yourself with good people.

“Toxic people” and their impact on health

Each person is the arithmetic mean of the people with whom he communicates the most,

American business coach Jim Ron

If you find in the top five people with whom you have the closest relationship, at least one person who causes you negative emotions or stress, it is better to limit communication. This person belongs to the category of “toxic people”, relationships that negatively affect the well-being of others.

You just need to accept the fact that some people are like parasites: they cannot live without interfering with the lives or personal space of others; they like to suck out energy and feelings of happiness, constantly complain, spread gossip, and do not know how to be sincere and frank. Relationships with such people will only depress you, drive you into depression and cause stress.

And scientists have shown that several days of stress reduce the activity of neurons in the hippocampus (the part of the brain that is responsible for memory and the ability to think). If the stress lasts for months – the brain cells are damaged, which means that their work will deteriorate significantly.

So, “toxic people” have no place in your life, you will not be able to be happy with them and you will not achieve your goals.

However, if you really do not have the opportunity to isolate yourself from such people (because they can be parents, husbands, wives, or colleagues at work), then learn to set certain boundaries in communication with them, without succumbing to remorse.

Look for people who make you happy

Surround yourself with people who will pull you up. Life is already so full of people pulling you down,

George Clooney

Always reach out to people around whom you feel happy. Don’t know who it is? Then remember the people with whom you have fun and have fun, people with whom you can learn something, who are on the same wavelength with you and make you smile sincerely, remember the people who inspire you!

In addition, such people can be said to be optimists and dreamers.

If a person is happy, he takes on something with more passion and energy. But negative thoughts are real enemies because they can undermine self-belief, lower self-esteem, and can destroy relationships with other people. So if you are surrounded by pessimists, skeptics, or people who constantly complain about everything, their mood will envelop you for a while. Therefore, maintain relationships with positive, cheerful, and sincere people. They will charge you, inspire optimism, help in any situation, and therefore help you succeed faster.

If we talk about dreamers, then each of us is to some extent he is. But some only talk about their own dreams, and some – persistently go to achieve them. It is such people who need to surround themselves – dreamers, who act. They have specific goals in terms of how to implement their plans, and step by step they are getting closer to it.

And one more thing: if you want to be a happy and successful person, be kind, learn to forgive, love, smile, and good people will reach out to you!

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