Why psychologists do not advise to meet a man who loves to read

Men who love to read are quite interesting and smart. However, psychologists have compiled a list of reasons why you should definitely not go on a date with such a representative of the stronger sex.

You have to strain your brains

Most of these men like to have conversations on a variety of exciting topics that require the inclusion of intelligence, creativity, and ingenuity. It is likely that if you do not read, you will not be able to impress him.

Such men spend a lot of time alone

Regardless of gender, people who love to read are big fans of silence. This has been proven by numerous surveys and observations. If you are surrounded by a bookworm, this person will probably tell you very often that he does not want to go anywhere because he needs to finish reading the book. Such a man will not be able to be with you 24 hours a day.

You will have to answer any questions

Statistics show that on dates, men who like to read, ask 2-3 times more questions to their partner. Of course, you may not be ready for this at all. You will have to talk a lot about yourself and try to convey information in one word. Otherwise, the man may not be interested.

He has increased empathy

Experience and various studies in this field show that men and people who love to read are generally extremely emotional. They experience other people’s emotions much better than others. Also, you probably will not be able to deceive such a man, so you have to be honest. Books develop such talent as insight.

It will be extremely difficult to understand such a man

If the path to the heart of an ordinary man lies through the stomach, then in the case of a book lover the path lies through understanding the characters of his favorite novels. Most likely, his character is so confusing and complex that “reading” it on the first date will be an unsolvable task. This will take a lot of time and effort.

He tends to decorate everything

Men who read a lot are still storytellers. They tend to embellish their experiences and tell different stories with a touch of “reflection”. That’s why you have to divide in two everything that a man who loves to read will tell you about himself. In principle, this is not particularly bad, but it is better to look around.

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