Why real parmesan has such an expensive price

Why real parmesan has such an expensive price

The original product has a logo on the crust.

There are more than 2,000 types of cheese in the world. Dairy product has been made for several centuries. Cheese has gained wide popularity due to its uniqueness: it is used in various main dishes, desserts, and as a snack. There are even turophiles – cheese lovers who are well versed in its varieties. Today we will talk about one type of dairy product – Parmesan. Do many people wonder why it is so expensive? It’s all about its composition and method of preparation.

The process of making Parmesan cheese: what is the price

For the first time in the world, Parmesan cheese was learned in the XIII-XIV centuries. His homeland is considered to be a small province in Italy. This is a type of long-ripening cheese, it takes a whole year to prepare it. In Italy, there is a law that Parmesan can not leave the cheese factory if not more than 12 months after its manufacture. The cheese is kept in special warehouses for a year, then experts assess the quality of the finished product, and only then does Parmesan go on sale. And, as you know, the cost of cheese determines its degree of maturity: the higher it is, the more expensive the price of dairy products.

Interesting facts about the production of Parmesan cheese

550 liters of cow’s milk are needed to produce one head of parmesan. It is believed that Parmesan was first invented by Benedictine monks, using the same ingredients that are now practiced by 329 cheese factories. Cheese is produced only in the small provinces of Italy because the special bacteria used in the production of Parmesan live only in these regions. The main feature in cheese making is the use of live bacteria. They give this type of cheese a deep aroma with hints of hazelnut. The longer it is aged, the brighter the taste.

There are three types of Parmesan cheese:

• fresh (aged 12-18 months);
• old (aged 18-24 months);
• very old (lasts 24-36 months).

The real name of Italian Parmesan is Parmigiano Reggiano. Every year, Italians fight against counterfeiting. The name of the cheese is protected by EU law. To determine the originality of the product, you need to pay attention to the logo and information on the crust of the dairy product.

Despite the complex and long process of Parmesan production, it is not considered the most expensive type of cheese. The status of the most expensive cheese was given to Pula, in the preparation of which the milk of Balkan donkeys of Serbia is used.

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