Why remote work can harm people’s health

Why remote work can harm people's health

Now millions of people from around the world have permanently switched to remote work.

And although many like to work from home, the lack of trips to work can be detrimental to the psyche and even our waistline. Daily commuting by public transport is a source of constant stress and irritation. In addition, we spend a lot of money on these trips. Even more surprising are the results of a study by scientists from University College London, who proved that these trips have a positive effect on our psyche and allow us to control weight. It is useful for the psyche because such trips allow you to clearly distinguish between work and home.

Offices have a higher level of human relationships, contacts, conversations, and more. And they are also needed for the normal state of the brain. Travel supports a person’s activity and deprives him of the opportunity to rush to the refrigerator for an extra piece of cake or ice cream. Half of the 3,000 people surveyed said that being in the office provided them with a more positive attitude to work. 45% of survey participants feel more productive in the office because they have the opportunity to share ideas with colleagues and not plan a video conference via the Internet instead. 50% of respondents became much more active in eating harmful homemade snacks in the presence of remote work, and 43% – were more often distracted from doing household chores, receiving various couriers, long breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Working from home is not a good option. Many people do not like remote work.

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