Why should parents know what their child is doing online

Why should parents know what their child is doing online

Because of the dangers of the Internet, parents need to know what their children are doing on it.

Children and the Internet are a problem for modern parents that can do more harm than bad at school. It is very difficult for a child, especially a younger student, to navigate, and most importantly – to respond correctly to some moments that may occur when communicating online. That is why the parent should not leave the child alone with a network that can “tighten” it and cause severe damage to the psyche. We will suggest several ways that will help you not to quarrel with the child and at the same time gently control what your baby does and with whom he communicates.

No spying

There is nothing worse if you decide to spy on your own child. Remember that sooner or later your tracking will be revealed and there will be a serious quarrel. In any relationship, respect is important, excessive control can cause irreparable damage to your understanding and undermine trust in the child. Try to establish a dialogue so that the child does not want to hide something from you, in case of something he should not be afraid to turn to you.

No criticism

Children are incredibly sensitive to criticism – one careless word can make a child shut up or become overwhelmed with complexes. When mom or dad “explodes” for any reason, the child will never come with an alarming message of their own free will, because she knows that she will be shouted at or simply will not believe. If your child tells you stories from his or her life or about classmates, don’t turn away – you may hear disturbing things that aren’t so obvious to the child or teen, and you may have time to take action until something bad happens.

Photos … lots of photos

It’s hard to imagine a teenager or even a junior high school student who wouldn’t take a selfie. It happens that high school girls are not limited to ordinary photos and try to look older, posting quite candid photos. Unfortunately, such content often attracts questionable personalities who can pose a real threat if your child is too friendly. Try to be among your child’s subscribers, to sometimes look at the comments under such photos and find strangers, but very active people who skillfully manipulate children’s emotions.

Be open

To show indifference to the child – to create great difficulties for yourself and especially for her. Often children communicate with people who skillfully enter into the trust of a teenager, and do so through lies – no one knows who is hiding behind the avatar of a cute girl or a nice young man. If your child knows that you are interested in her life, she will always tell you about the events that take place in it. Including subscribers who insist on a personal meeting. Be sure to discuss with your child the point that you should not agree to meet a stranger who does not say anything about himself, avoids any contact via video, but at the same time wants to meet in person. The child may not be aware of the danger.

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