Why we don’t like ourselves are the main reasons

Why we don't like ourselves are the main reasons

Why this happens and how to deal with it. People who never retouch their photos on social networks – a rarity.

Many people like to apply filters to pictures and remove imperfections on the face and figures.

But some do not need “improvement”, because they are confident, and they only need to adjust the brightness of the photo There are not many people in the world who love and accept themselves as they are! Why is this happening? There are several reasons…

This is a syndrome in which people find it very difficult to communicate with others and just live. And all because they are too worried about their appearance. Because of this mental disorder, a person may refuse to leave the house at all.

Because of harassment

Perhaps as a child, the girl was often insulted at school, telling her that she had crooked legs or a big nose. Sometimes complexes are instilled in adolescents by their fathers and mother. And even if these shortcomings are mostly contrived and completely biased, over time, the girl begins to believe in them wholeheartedly and believes the truth.

Because of perfectionism

This phenomenon causes stress and anxiety, because people are constantly chasing a fictional and, most likely, unattainable ideal, which in nature does not exist.

Because of the beautiful pictures that are a hoax

It’s no secret that bloggers and celebrities from Instagram photoshop their big bellies and legs to look slim and attractive. Ordinary girls who watch them perceive all this farce as the truth, and then begin to believe that something is wrong with their own appearance because it is far from “ideal”.

Due to abrupt changes in appearance

Experienced stress, illness, pregnancy, and childbirth can negatively affect a woman’s appearance. A woman can’t come to terms with how she looks, so she starts to hate her own appearance.

Because of the age crisis

This usually occurs before the age of forty or fifty. A woman begins to understand that old age is not far off, and the reflection in the mirror suits her less and less…

What to do if you do not like your own appearance

First, you need to understand that few people are as concerned about your appearance as you think. It is typical for a person to worry first about himself, and only then to notice that someone there showed up at the store without makeup or in a crumpled T-shirt.

Secondly, you need to make a list of things that you like in yourself, and then a second list where you describe everything that does not suit you in appearance. Then think about what you can do with the cons. If you are overweight, then it’s time to go on a diet and exercise. Third, try to communicate more with people who are satisfied with everything in themselves and who can be called “a person without complexes.” They have a lot to learn.

Don’t be afraid to see yourself in different images. Have you recovered or lost weight – this is not a reason to be angry or give up. The appearance of gray hair or wrinkles should not scare you either. Remember that you can look like an old woman at the age of fifty, and you can look like a well-groomed and beautiful woman at the age of seventy.

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