Words change the world

Words change the world

The power of the word can be healing and destructive, the word can create, can ruthlessly destroy. A selection of books on communication are steps and practical tips for mastering the magical power of words.

But the “Magic of the Word” is the power that changes the world for the better, that heals and inspires, that brings goodness and love to all spheres of life. “How a poisonous word kills” inspiration, motivation, relationships, destiny, personality, peoples, countries, we know, unfortunately, from personal experience or history. May the word be good, may its magical power bring only good!

A selection of books on communication:

“TED TALKS. Words change the world. The first official guide to public speaking “Chris Anderson

“She doesn’t explain, he doesn’t guess. The Japanese art of dialogue without quarrels “by Iota Tatsunari

“Talk to me like the one you love” Nancy Dreyfus

“He said how he cut off. The most effective phrases for influence and persuasion “Phil M. Jones

“The art of speaking. Secrets of effective communication “James Borg

“How to talk to anyone. Confident communication in any situation “Mark Rhodes

“The effect of empathy. 7 Keys to Supernatural Insight ”by Helen Riss

“5 languages ​​of gratitude at work. How to build good relationships with colleagues and show how much you value them »Gary Chapman and Paul White

“How to win friends and influence people” Dale Carnegie

“The Language of Relationships” Allan Pease

“I can hear you through. Effective Negotiation Techniques ”by Mark Goulston

“Secrets of communication. The Magic of Words ”by James Borg

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