You will not achieve anything while in the comfort zone

You will not achieve anything while in the comfort zone

Staying in your comfort zone is not conducive to your career growth. So finally start doing something that causes fear, but gives new knowledge.

You need to speak in front of an audience, but every time in that case you have trembling knees? Do you want to expand the circle of communication, but turn gray rather than be the first to talk to a stranger? Speeches at meetings will contribute to your career growth, but you are still afraid to say something wrong?

Unfortunately, the problem of fear of public speaking is widespread. The simplest option is to avoid such performances because then you do not have to worry and worry. But it is the performances in front of the audience, even out of fear, that is necessary for our development.

Career growth means constant confrontation with discomfort, but this is the reality of today. Without the courage to make the leap, we can lose many useful opportunities. So how do we learn to step out of our comfort zone while building our lives?

First, be honest with yourself
Ignoring the opportunity to speak in public, analyze why this happened? Did you really not have time or were you just scared? Make a list of the most common excuses and analyze their relevance. If you heard such excuses from someone else, would you believe them?

Understand, you will never be able to overcome inaction if you are not honest, especially with yourself.

Second: start training
Not all people in your circle are strict. Start with small performances in front of friends. It will be much easier if you discuss topics close to you. But increase the size of your audience each time.

It is very important to see opportunities and take advantage of them. We often underestimate our own strengths, but if we have the desire, we can minimize the discomfort.

For example, if you hate public speaking and events, but feel a little more comfortable in small circles, look for opportunities to perform there. For example, initiate a meeting over a cup of coffee with those with whom you would like to have a relationship.

Third: take the first step, despite the discomfort
Taking the first step, you will not notice how the fear of a “large audience” will leave you.

According to coach Andy Molinsky, while attending graduate school, he attended public speaking classes. At them, the professor forced students to give recorded speeches. But one day he took the notes and said to speak in his own words. Thanks to this, Molinsky realized that breaking away from the text, his language sounds more lively and more natural.

So start with small steps. Take public speaking lessons before speaking at public events. Before speaking in the presence of experienced colleagues, start training in small meetings with friends to understand how it is. During the speech, find a colleague who listens to you most attentively, and talk as if you were addressing him.

You may be wrong, but that’s okay. Only then will you be able to learn. Be honest with yourself, train, and take the first step! You will be happy to see the results of training, professional growth, and increased opportunities.

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